Human Risk Assessments

They say that people are your weakest link in an organisation when it comes to cyber security. One click of a button and you could lose data, information and your client's trust. 

Imagine the success you could have if we made them your greatest asset. Up for the challenge?

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Measure the impact of your team’s cyber security awareness and gauge your human cyber risk. 

Using our Human Risk Assessment we’ll audit your organisation’s key functions to detect high-risk areas, identifying where you may be vulnerable, and where there is opportunity to improve.

We will teach your team how to safeguard themselves in all walks of life, helping you showcase your investment in them as people.

90% of intrusions and breaches come from phishing emails?

If your team are trained in understanding cyber security, this risk reduces by 90%.

Reduced risk = increased profitability opportunities and retained reputation

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Thank you Raj for the outstanding support you provided my client when her computer was infested with malware. You attention to detail and patient manner in which you supported her was greatly appreciated. 

Annie Koshy
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Thank-you so much for giving up so much of your time for the students and for the support when we had the DfE it was very much appreciated by me, the team and the students especially as you were the first industry speaker, we had in for them, you have really set the standard so thank-you very much.

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We help businesses reduce their overall cyber security risk and improve their credibility.

We provide insight into cyber risks provided by three areas of your business: people, processes, and technology. 

Our Human Risk Assessment will highlight:

  • Your organisation’s current human risk
  • How long it would take to be breached
  • What clear actions will mitigate the risk

Case Studies from Usecure for the impact of the assessment - 'how this has been successful generally' while we gather case studies with own clients. 



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