Cyber breaches aren’t good for business.

Regular strict and systematic cyber security audits will reassure all stakeholders, customers, and potential clients that you are a business which can be trusted. 

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Reduce cyber risks

A cyber security audit is a check-up of how safe your business is in terms of preventing cyber criminals breaking into your systems to steal money and data. It lets you know:

  • where the holes are in your business
  • how easy they are to exploit
  • how much information or money could be taken
  • the kind of government fine you could expect to be charged should you be attacked. 

In putting the report together, a cyber security audit makes recommendations as to which threats need to be addressed immediately and which, if any, are less serious. 

95% of cyber breaches are down to human error.

That could mean that one member of staff who has used their work email on an external website could have inadvertently let a hacker into your system. 

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Thank you Raj for the outstanding support you provided my client when her computer was infested with malware. You attention to detail and patient manner in which you supported her was greatly appreciated. 

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Thank-you so much for giving up so much of your time for the students and for the support when we had the DfE it was very much appreciated by me, the team and the students especially as you were the first industry speaker, we had in for them, you have really set the standard so thank-you very much.

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How secure are your systems?

Cyber Essentials, a UK government-backed certification scheme, highlights whether you have a minimum level of protection in cyber security. To display the Cyber Essentials badge, you need to successfully complete annual assessments to maintain certification. 

Our cyber security audits take Cyber Essentials as a benchmark, and measure whether your business would meet the standards. 

If your organisation has already met that standard, or displays the Cyber Essentials badge, then you will be benchmarked against ISO27001. This is the international standard behind GDPR, measuring how securely your organisation manages data. 

We complete the audit by “ethically hacking” your organisation’s systems. We test your network as a cyber-criminal would and let you know how much damage could be done. 

When our ethical hack is completed, we produce a report to highlight any vulnerabilities. We’ll mark these using a scoring system and give you guidance for making changes. 

While the Cyber Essentials badge requires a certain number of basic measures and protection be in place, cyber security audits show you where all the vulnerabilities in your system lie. 

They don’t, however, force you to have any of them fixed, instead helping you decide which ones are the most urgent. 

Should you want us to fix them, then we are happy to, but we are equally happy to come in and do another audit once your vulnerabilities have been addressed. 

We won’t submit an application for the Cyber Essentials badge unless we know you’re going to pass.

Every day, 4,500 SMEs become victims of a cyber-attack. With only 2% of cyber-crimes being reported, it is surely only a matter of time before your business is next.

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