A cyber breach could effectively kill your business off overnight. You could be left at the mercy of cyber criminals who can lock your laptops and sabotage your business without a moment’s thought. 

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What is a Penetration Test?

A Penetration Test checks how secure your network is, and how closely it sticks to industry standards.

When Penetration Testing is complete, you receive a Penetration Test Report which highlights all the findings and vulnerabilities.

What a Pen Test doesn’t do is fix those problems. You can leave the vulnerabilities there if you like. Some companies choose to do just that.

But if you would rather not leave your company open to attack and in danger of being held to ransom by cyber criminals, we can help fix the problems.

Penetration Testing

For Businesses

Would you know what to do if you were asked by a client for a Penetration Test? You may be pitching for a new client, with stringent security levels required.

If your company is providing a service to the NHS, the government, a local authority, a defence company or a large multi-national corporation, you may be asked to provide a Penetration Test Report to demonstrate that your network is secure.

A penetration test shows you how likely that is to happen and how easy it is to address the issues which are leaving you open to hacking.

For Developers

If your company builds bespoke web applications, CRMs, website creation platforms, or Internet of Things devices then providing Penetration Testing services for your clients is invaluable.

We understand that once a client has purchased an application or system then the responsibility for any data stored on it falls into their hands. But should there be a security breach due to your work then it is likely to be your reputation which will be damaged.

Offering regular penetration tests on your apps, devices and services means you can provide a better service to your clients. It boosts client confidence, therefore enhancing your reputation.

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Thank you Raj for the outstanding support you provided my client when her computer was infested with malware. You attention to detail and patient manner in which you supported her was greatly appreciated. 

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Thank-you so much for giving up so much of your time for the students and for the support when we had the DfE it was very much appreciated by me, the team and the students especially as you were the first industry speaker, we had in for them, you have really set the standard so thank-you very much.

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Network Testing


External Network Penetration Testing looks at your business network from the outside; the parts that are accessible on the internet, measuring how secure your online assets such as your website and your email servers are.


Internal Network Penetration Testing looks at what a hacker can do when they’re inside your network. Perhaps they’ve been given a password by a former employee or have obtained one through attacks.

We will explore your system just as a hacker would, before providing a report detailing how much damage could be done. We’ll then make suggestions for how to address the issues.

Web and Mobile App testing looks at communication apps such as Zoom and Teams; social media apps such as Facebook and LinkedIn; APIs; CRM systems and any websites which store company information.

A Web and Mobile App penetration test would identify any security threats inside these apps or websites and make recommendations.

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We take an ethical approach to cyber security and try to make it affordable to everybody.

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