When it comes to cyber security, your team is only as strong as its weakest member; our user awareness training flips that on its head and makes your team the strongest asset in your organisation. 

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Why do you need User Awareness Training?

Members of your staff might unintentionally let a cyber-criminal into your system by clicking on a link in an email, or installing virus-ridden software, or even something as apparently innocuous as using their work email to do online shopping.

Every user awareness course we provide is different. You might want us to focus on how to spot fraudulent emails purporting to be from an established business, or how to set up a network safely for those working from home.

You might just want us to train your finance team in the best practices regarding taking and making new payments, to ensure that thousands of pounds of the company’s money doesn’t end up in an anonymous cyber criminal’s wallet.

You might just want us to provide training which could prevent new starters from making elementary mistakes which have devastating effects on your organisation.

Or you might want to train your entire company – from board level down – about the ways they can help the company, and themselves too.

It all starts with a conversation

All our user training sessions start with a chat to focus our time on topics you want us to cover.

We will then deliver the training either in-person or online, before moving you onto our online training platform.

Using our training platform, we then monitor and speak to your team members monthly, ensuring the training has been absorbed and checking their user awareness levels. We’ll check that no-one is accidentally leaving a front door ajar.

We may also conduct phishing simulation attacks, to get an accurate picture of who might need further training.

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Thank you Raj for the outstanding support you provided my client when her computer was infested with malware. You attention to detail and patient manner in which you supported her was greatly appreciated. 

Annie Koshy
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Thank-you so much for giving up so much of your time for the students and for the support when we had the DfE it was very much appreciated by me, the team and the students especially as you were the first industry speaker, we had in for them, you have really set the standard so thank-you very much.

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Need more benefits?

Our User Awareness Training provides individuals with a wealth of knowledge but also brings some business benefits too: 

  • Helps to reduce cyber insurance premiums
  • Allows the decision making to be delegated throughout the organisation (because every member of staff is equally aware of cyber security issues)
  • Teaches you to identify and understand new cyber risks
  • Saves you money


Our training shows how clicking on the wrong link, or giving details to the wrong person, could give a cyber-criminal access to every password you’ve ever used.

We also investigate cyber-enabled crimes such as grooming and identity theft. We then teach users how to protect themselves against it.


This training doesn’t just protect your staff outside the workplace. It is proven to make them more aware of the risks it poses during their working day.

Our training sets out to teach your staff to be cyber scam experts, filling in holes in their knowledge and covering risks they might not even know existed.

Training teaches your brain to become more aware of cyber issues, which helps you make better business decisions and reduce your overall risk as a company.

Of the 65,000 small to medium businesses which are attacked every day, 4,500 are successful – and only 2% of cyber-crime is reported.

Cyber criminals are everywhere. It’s their job to exploit people, and training your staff is the best possible insurance against cyber-attacks you can have.

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